ICONOCLASM MASS - A Sermon of Dissent

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ICONOCLASM MASS - A Sermon of Dissent
Friday 26th July 2019
Show Time: 7:30 - 8:30
Pay What you Feel

Artists that lend their voices to, inspired, or collaborated on elements of this work include electroclash rockstar ‘Peaches’, seminal body artist ‘Ron Athey’, French intellectual ‘Georges Bataille’, cult musical trio ‘The Tiger Lillies’ and punk poet ‘Lydia Lunch’.

The performance includes Empress Stah’s infamous Lazer Beamz, Blood Letting, Nudity, Eyeballs, Aerial Circus, Vagina Writing and Virgin Xtravaganzah’s genius reworkings of popular tunes including a ditty about being knocked up by God.

Jacksons Lane - Postcards Festival
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Illustration by Jon Delafons
AKA Jonny Drumsticks - Alabama 3 Drummer