Digital Circus is a body of work that has been developed with my new company Zero Central

Wearable sensors and infra red camera's are employed to create real time motion graphics, which are projected over and behind the performance.

Aerial Hoop performance with Motion Tracking Graphics.
Neon coloured concentric circles revolve on a gyroscopic axis, in a perfectly harmonised duet with an aerial hoop artist, wearing a glittering white space suit.

Aerial Harness performance with Motion Tracking Graphics.
Hovering, Spinning, Tumbling, Flying, an aerialist in a winged catsuit generates a digital snowstorm of particles creating a breathtakingly futuristic panorama, which draws the audience in, as the landscape appears to fly out to meet them.

Aerial Hexagon perfromance with Motion Graphics.
Spine chilling in its timeless grace, ‘Ivy’ is a love story, featuring an aerialist on a hexagon, dressed in black lace with emerald crystals, commanding her flock of animated bats to dance with her across the stage and fly with her in the air.

Real Time Interactive Projection as part of 'War of the Worlds', Aerial Hoop Drone performance.