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DOWN UNDER CIRCUS is a cabaret and sideshow explosion, created by provocative performance legend Empress Stah.

The show is currently playing The Aeronaut in London on the third weekend of each month.

Tickets and Info for the current month can be found HERE.

See World Champion Pole Dancers, Fire Eaters, Contortionists, Singers, Human Blockheads and Aerialists, strut their stuff for your viewing pleasure & discomfort.

Set to a rockin’ Aussie soundtrack, the show features some of the world’s best Circus Artists, Drag Idols & Sideshow Freaks, doing their thing to songs from ACDC, Nick Cave, INXS, The Divinyls, Xanadu and more.

Join us for an upbeat, tongue in cheek, romp back in time, as Empress Stah mines her misspent adolescence for musical inspiration to create a show that is bang up to date with contemporary performances.

Some of our favourite act and music combo’s are ….

Jess Love performing a Skipping Rope act to the theme tune from Skippy.
Lolo Brow performing a Freak show act to ‘You Shook me all night long’ by ACDC,
Gingzilla singing ‘Throw your arms around Me’ by Hunters and Collectors and inviting the audience onto the stage to do just that.
Dusty Limits singing the theme tune from Prisoner Cell Block H, ‘You used to Give me Roses'
Katrina Lilwall performing Fire to ‘Wild Roses Grow’ by Nick Cave and Kylie, also performing Aerial Chains in thigh high stiletto’s to ‘Need you Tonight’ by INXS.
Sadiq Sadiq performing Aerial Pole to ‘Love is in the Air’ by John Paul Young.
Myself, Empress Stah, performing LED hoop to ‘Xanadu' by Olivia Newton John and an upside down plate spinning act to ‘Land Down Under’.

Produced by Zero Central

A Low Res version of the entire show featuring ... Empress Stah Gingzilla Katrina Lillwall Bendini Lolo Brow