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I am performing my Lazer Beamz in Peaches latest performance spectacular, There’s Only One Peach with a Hole in the Middle.

“To mark the 20-year stage anniversary of the musician and artist Peaches, the Summer Festival and the Kunstverein in Hamburg present different facets of the artistic universe of the queer feminist pop-ikon” - Kampnagel

Witness it alongside Drag Freak Christeene, in Hamburg, Germany,
15th - 17th August.
Tickets available from June on or directly at Kunstverein

Be Astounded the Lazer Beamz have made it to the actual,
Royal Festival Hall in London !!
28th August - Tickets Here

‘A Prismatic intersection of Sex, Circus & Special Effects’ - The New York Times on the Lazer Beamz

Over the past 20 years, the musician and artist Peaches has created a comprehensive artistic oeuvre that focuses on music, performance and cross-media practices. She has made thousands of people dance in clubs with her electronic music, transgressively appropriating traditionally male-dominated genres such as rock, punk, heavy metal and rap. Her lyrics about social inequality, body images, gender equality and age read like postmodern poerty, and her concerts are highly explosive Gesamtkunstwerks, comprised of music, sound, fashion, visual- and live arts. Peaches is a master of the uncompromising popularization of the avant-garde and has, like this, implemented sex-positive feminism into the concert halls of this world.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of her stage debut, the Summer Festival is now showing the whole spectrum of her artistic universe: Peaches will open her first solo exhibition at the Kunstverein on August 9th; at KMH she will present three club nights; and with THERE'S ONLY ONE PEACH WITH THE HOLE IN THE MIDDLE, she creates a futuristic stage happening as a world premiere for the Summer Festival featuring 13 musicians, 10 performers and guests such as New York drag rapper Christeene and London-based aerial performer Empress Stah. Inspired by the variety shows of 1970s LGBTIQ* icons such as Bette Midler and Liza Minelli and with costumes by avant hair and fashion designer Charlie Le Mindu, Peaches catapults her vision of the past, present and future of queerfeminism onto the grand stage of the Kampnagel factory.

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